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Preserving Fiber Traditions


RMWG Exhibit at Tactile

Tactile is pleased to present an exhibit of work by the members of the Rocky Mountain Weavers’ Guild. “Preserving Fiber Traditions” features 14 talented artists and craftspeople and includes tapestry and loom weaving, knitting, fabric dying, wearable art, and textile art pieces. The range of work showcases the skill and broad interests of the members of this well-established and vital local guild.

The Weavers’ Guild is one of Tactile’s founding guild members, and meets monthly at Tactile. Founded in 1953, the guild is dedicated to inspiring creativity and excellence in fiber work and promoting fiber traditions and enthusiasm through education. Find out more about the guild at their website.
“Preserving Fiber Traditions” runs through April 19. Tactile is open Thursday through Saturday, 12-5pm.

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Color Shock celebrates color and couture at the TACTile Textile Art Center

TACtile Textile Arts Center

Color Shock at TACtile

Susan Froyd wrote in Westword about the Color Shock style show.

The Yves Saint Laurent spectacular has come and gone from the Denver Art Museum, but its inspiration — a renewed appreciation for the craft, creativity and sheer beauty of high couture — stays on, especially within the local design community.

The value of that exhibition certainly wasn’t lost on Dianne Denholm of the TACtile Textile Arts Center, a woman who’s dedicated her career to furthering the textile arts — and a winner of a 2012 MasterMind award.

By Denholm’s own admission, YSL had a turn-around effect on the way she’s curating her gallery space and in turn inspired tomorrow’s Color Shock fashion show at TACtile. A hue-heavy showcase for local designers, the runway will catch fire at 7 p.m. on Saturday, August 11, following a meet-and-greet reception at 6 p.m.

Think Vivian Westwood, Diane Von Furstenberg, Prada and, of course YSL, all of whom revel(ed) in color, and prepare to put on your shades for this one.

Admission is $3 to $5; e-mail TACtile or call 720-524-8886 for reservations and information.

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“Original Friends” dolls speak to the heart

TACtile Textile Arts CenterRebecca Roth didn’t start out wanting to be a fiber artist. She came to doll-making through a uniquely difficult, yet inspiring, route.

An American expatriate living in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Rebecca was wrongfully incarcerated in a women’s prison outside of Guadalajara for four years. The lengthy and convoluted Mexican legal system leaves many people in prison for years without trial or definitive sentences. Rebecca’s time in the overcrowded women’s prison was understandably painful, depressing, and soul depleting. She knew that to survive she needed something to lift her spirits.

That something came in the form of a child born to a fellow inmate in the prison. Lupita and her mother lived with Rebecca and 13 other women in a cell designed for six. Lupita had no toys or any other trappings of a “normal’ childhood. Rebecca found herself thinking, Lupita needs a doll. This inspired Rebecca to create her first Original Friend doll from scraps of fabric, yarn, and ribbon collected from sewing workrooms and classes in the prison.

Rebecca began collaborating with other women in the prison to make and sell more dolls. The dolls are colorful and festive, with smiling faces and fanciful clothing and jewelry. Each has its own unique personality. Rebecca and her doll-making friends sold over 100 dolls while she was still in prison. Once she was released she decided to continue working with her friends who are still incarcerated to make and sell dolls. The proceeds from doll sales go back to the women in prison to provide for their personal needs; making the dolls helps build their skills and self-esteem.

Tactile is happy to be hosting a collection of Original Friend dolls for display and purchase. Come by and see these fun and inspiring creations. You can learn more about Rebecca, the other doll-makers, and the dolls at their website.

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Elfriede Style: A Retrospective of Colorado Couture

Guest Blogger: Susan Froyd, Arts and Culture Editor at Westword. 2012 Westword MasterMind Dianne Denholm has presented exhibitions focusing on the fiber arts in nearly every aspect since opening the TACtile Textile Arts Center six years ago. But never before had she turned the magnifying glass on the fine art of dressmaking and couture, a subject that’s undergone a renaissance in Denver this spring, thanks to the Denver Art Museum’s Yves Saint Laurent block-buster.

Inspired by that show — and a little bit by her own past life as the owner of D’Lea’s fabric store in Cherry Creek North — Denholm decided to ask her former competitor, Boulderite Elfriede Gamow, if she might be willing to pull together some of her favorite pieces from over the years for an exhibition to dovetail with the last weeks of the YSL show.

The result is Colorado Couture: Past and Present, which pairs the elegant Gamow’s impeccably sewn garments with a sideshow of prototypes from up-and-coming Denver designer Fallene Wells’s 2013 fashion line. “I wanted to make it educational, so people could know how this is done,” Denholm explains. “This is high-end dressmaking techniques and fabrics we’re talking about, featuring clothing that Elfriede still wears now, which demonstrates their timelessness. The quote she gave us says it all: ‘I’ve always gone for the style rather than the fashion.'”

Colorado Couture continues through August 18 at TACtile, 1955 South Quince Street, Suite 200; an open house is being planned during its run, with details TBA. Admission is free; find information at or call 720-524-8886. — By Susan Froyd

Exhibit photos by Carol Naff

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World Threads III pays homage to global fiber arts at TACtile Textile Arts Center

Earlier this month, I went to TACtile to capture the World Threads exhibit in photographs. Luckily, our intern from CSU, Kelly Phillips was there to assist me in taking the photos. These three images below capture just some of the beauty of the textile arts represented in the show. Our global talks on Saturday, May 26, feature:  

11 am :: Cyndi Maupin, Entwined Artistry
2pm :: Maryanne Wise, Guatemala Rugs

Our exhibit closes at 5:00 on Saturday, the last day of World Threads III.

Featured in Westword, Susan Froyd wrote, One of TACtile Textile Arts Center’s most colorful exhibits is back: World Threads III: Preserving Textile Traditions, featuring — as in the past — a beautiful global palette of fiber-arts handiwork to both look at and to buy. Even more beautiful is the humanitarian purpose behind the show — to sustain traditional arts while supporting women artisans living in poverty and sometimes dire conditions.

This year’s show  includes handcrafts — jewelry, weavings, baskets, embroidery, clothing and more — from sixteen nonprofit humanitarian groups working with artisans from Africa, Southeast Asia, Nepal, India, Peru, Guatemala, and other countries.

TACtile, led by director and 2012 Westword MasterMind Dianne Denholm, is also serving up an ongoing series of Global Talks by the various vendors on Saturdays for the duration of the show, which ends May 26.

TACtile is pleased to announce the opening on June 8th of two exhibits, Summer Daze and Colorado Couture: Past and Present. Follow this blog to learn more. Call 720.524.8886 and visit

 photos by Carol Naff

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TACtile Bonus at World Threads III

Fabulous “Global Talks” presented by social entrepreneurs whose products are part of the World Threads III Marketplace. Each Saturday meet them and learn about the creative textile artisans in developing countries.

Maya Cielo Dyer

May 5: 12 pm :: Charlotte Otto, Ten Thousand Villages
1 pm :: Patricia Stoddard, Ralli Quilts
2 pm :: Paula Carter, Egyptian Leather Importing

May 12: ($5 donation at the door)
Mother’s Saturday Tea celebrating mothers around the world
12pm :: Penny Webster, Woven Promises
1 pm :: Linda Stark & Marilyn Murphy, Cloth Roads
2 – 4 pm :: Creative Scarf Tying Demonstration – Eloise Wagers

May 19: 11 am :: Katrina Wert, A Little Something
12 pm :: Sen Nguyen, Bridging Hope
1 pm :: Marissa Saints, Dsenyo

May 26: 11 am :: Cyndi Maupin, Entwined Artistry
2pm :: Maryanne Wise, Guatemala Rugs

TACtile is the arts center & gallery inspiring growth, visibility and creative excellence in the textile arts. Hours: 12-5 Thursday – Saturday, TACtile Textile Arts Center (Opening at 11am on Saturdays during May for our special Global Talks)

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TACtile presents Vendor’s Chats for World Threads III

Outreach Uganda chat

Special Saturday hours for this show! TACtile will open at 11 am on Saturdays for our Vendor’s Chats.
This Saturday April 28 Chat

Outreach Uganda speaking about their work with the women in Uganda making colorful beads and what your purchases do for them.

Support the work of our sisters around the world who love fiber arts as much as we do!

Visit for more information.

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World Threads III, Preserving Textile Traditions Sale and Exhibit

TACtile Textile Arts Center presents its colorful 3rd annual World Threads III, Preserving Textile Traditions, to benefit the artists, co-operatives, and social enterprises that support preservation of the fiber arts around the world, Saturday, April 28 through Saturday, May 26, 2012. TACtile is pleased to be showing almost all vendors from previous years, plus several new ones. This gallery exhibit is free and open to the public, Tuesday – Saturday, 12:00 – 5:00 p.m. at 1955 S. Quince Street, Suite 200, Denver, CO 80231. Free Parking.

These festivities are planned throughout the month:

  • World Chats: Each Saturday, April 28 through May 19 special presentations by the participating organizations about their textile artisan projects.
  • April 27: Members opening reception 5– 7:00 p.m. with a world foods buffet sponsored by the TACtile Board of Directors.
  • Periodic demonstrations of artisans using back strap looms.
  • May 12: Special Mother’s Day World Tea, 2-5:00 pm
  • Private collection Costumes & Textiles on exhibit.

Exhibit and Sale

World Threads III, Preserving Textile Traditions is both an exhibit and marketplace. The exhibit features regional collector costumes, textiles and objects from textile rich regions of the world. The marketplace is a colorful array of fashions, jewelry, crafts, basketry, embroidery, jewelry, gifts and home décor from artists in Africa, South and Central America, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.  Sales from the month-long festivities strengthen TACtile and its global partners to sustain textile arts worldwide. The assistance leads to employment of women and youth to provide income, often used to attend school, provide jobs and raise their quality of life in their homelands.

Sixteen regionally based, humanitarian groups will have handcrafted fiber art from around the world for sale to support their work. 

1.      “A Little Something” a Denver refugee women’s craft cooperative
2.      “Maya Cielo” supporting weaving coops in Guatemala
3.      “Outreach Uganda” spotlighting Uganda
4.       “Bridging Hope” supporting Vietnam & Cambodia
5.       “Eternal Threads” supporting Nepal & Madagascar
6.      Cloth Roads reaching 17 countries world-wide
7.      “Tambani” preserves South African folklore by the Venda women
8.      “Dsenyo” empowers Malawi women of Africa. 
9.      “Memsahib Mar” supports nomadic women in India
10.  “Anoothi” helping Rajasthan, India & Vatsalyan street children
11. “Woven Promises” supports Ethiopia and Namibia.
12. “Annie O Boutique” representing Peru
13. “Silks & Stones” helping silk weaving coops in Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand.
14. “Entwined Artistry” silk makers in Cambodia
15. “Cultural Cloth” rug hookers in Guatemala
16. “One World Buttons” button makers from Armenia to Zimbabwe 9 countries

 The Need  As modern industrial products seep into rural village life, traditional textile arts become rare treasures made and worn only by the older skilled generation, often underappreciated by the younger. TACtile is dedicated to increasing textile art as a living art form throughout all generations. An important aspect to sustaining these beautiful arts is providing a market for them. Educating artisans to translate their skills to modern demand and educating audiences to find value in their human heritage happens with TACtile’s World Threads event.  TACtile serves as an important channel to both groups.

In addition, younger generations are saved from leaving their families for poor or very dangerous working conditions and slave trades elsewhere. 

Traditional Textiles Breed Quality Contemporary Textiles.  Despite living in extreme poverty, artisans in developing countries create incredibly beautiful hand-woven silk, wool, linen, cotton and decorative textiles. They are made on primitive looms, with surfaces often covered with intricate hand embroidery and beadwork.  Mud and natural dyes transcend through the cloth into fast paced lifestyles of American consumers, adding meaningful value to the wearer. Textile arts are the threads that keep us all connected across the planet.

Baskets, a functional necessity in the developing world, have become an art form using locally available materials, such as bamboo and recycled box straps. Basket making skills are translated to totes, backpacks and table décor.

Beadwork & Embroidery are an integral part of all cultures, used as body adornment or to embellish cloth.  Beads in the show are made from all kinds of materials, including the popular hand rolled magazine paper to form beads in handbags and jewelry. Stitched embroidery motifs serve as humorous storytelling or elegant sophisticated cultural expression.

Local Economy Boost During economic conditions that require thoughtful use of consumer dollars, World Threads III provides products of need that have several layers of higher value. Local people are inspired to be creative themselves. There is a festive quality to buying things you need while also making far away communities happy, with a higher quality of life.

For more information, contact TACtile Textile Arts Center at – 720-524.8886 and visit

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TACtile Textile Arts Center classes for fiber arts

May Classes
Registration is open at

Specialty Beading Classes
sponsored by the Rocky Mountain Bead Society and held at TACtile

Mixed Media Textile Artist Bead Classes
with Larkin Vanom
Beaded Cuffs
Friday 5/18/12 9 am – 4 pm
Class Fee: $70 (including kit fee)
Make an elaborately beaded bracelet that wraps around your wrist like the cuff of a well-tailored shirt. This project will expand your design, color, and beading skills; allowing you to create a wearable work of art. The cuff is sized to fit your wrist, and the pattern provided can be adjusted to allow you to make a beaded cuff as a gift. The class will focus on design, color, finishing, and altering the basic shape, as well as stitch techniques.

Talisman/Hues and Cues
Saturday 5/19/12 9 am – Noon
Class Fee $35 (including kit fee)
This class will focus on understanding and using the meanings of color, shape, and symbols, both personal and universal, to create artwork with meaning, spirit, emotion, and personal resonance. Applying this information to whatever your art form may be, will allow you to create personally meaningful art, while using symbols that can be universally recognizable.

Beaded Buttons
Saturday 5/19/12 1 pm – 4 pm
Class Fee: $35 (including kit fee)
This is a great way to use leftovers from larger projects, and small enough to carry when you travel. Beaded buttons can embellish a garment, wall hanging or home decor project. All it takes are a few beads, a button form, a scrap of fabric and your imagination. It is a very easy introduction to the world of bead embroidery.

Tiny Beaded Vessels
Sunday 5/20/12 9 am – 4 pm
Class Fee: $70 (including kit fee)
Using bead embroidery stitches, students will create a small, encrusted treasure. The three or four-sided vessel will be in their own chosen color scheme. Charms, buttons, or small cabochons may be used as the focal point on one or all sides of the vessel. The class will focus on beading stitches, color, and design as well as the construction of the vessel.

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Marketing with Pizzazz for Artists by Marketing Coach Carol Naff

TACtile Textile Arts Center presents:

How to Find Your Place in the Market: Get Paid for your Creative Achievements

You know that you’ve created something you want to share with the world. So why not learn how to get the word out to more people? TACtile presents this marketing workshop to help you learn the fundamentals of marketing your business and getting results.

Marketing Coach Carol Naff will teach you how to:

  • identify the best low-cost, no-cost marketing solutions,
  • find resources to help you in your business,
  • create a web presence with or without a website,
  • avoid dead ends and pitfalls that wastes time and energy, and
  • learn strategies for creating and implementing a successful marketing plan that gets results!

Saturday, March 10, 1:00 – 4:00 p.m. TACtile Textile Arts Center. For more information, call Carol at 303.337.4394 or visit her website at and to register, visit TACtile

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